Last Saturday I had a very successful show where I juggled alongside a former Cirque acrobat and a World Champion gymnast.  On Friday we had our final tech rehearsal.

Before any of us started doing our acts we got a visit.  My conditioning/Chinese pole coach came by backstage.  He was to warm up the crowd with dual whips before the show really started.

When he came by, it was a most interesting feeling.  In class he assumes a very dominant role through his expert knowledge of how the human body works as well as what it takes to make it as a performer.  I have seen a little bit of his work and have the utmost respect for the man, who at 49 is still in better shape than almost anyone in the room.

This man, who up until that point I had always thought of as on an exponentially higher level than myself, came to us and acted as an equal.  We were all just a bunch of performers before a show.  It didn’t matter how much our outfits cost, who we had worked for, or where we had studied.  All that mattered was that we were all about to go on stage and do what we had come to do.


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