Juggling vs. Ballet

If you’re looking for me to tell you that juggling is better ballet or the other way around, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Instead what I aim to do here is look at how these two art forms compare and how they are radically different in nature.

To start, both juggling and ballet require a ridiculous amount of hours before you can start to even be considered good.  Both of them have also been around for quite some time and have been practiced by numerous artists.  This means that before anyone reading this knew what either of these were, millions upon millions of hours have been put into each of them.  Although old mediums are not inherently superior to newer ones, the older ones have already gotten over the initial part of the learning curve.

With that said, they do differ in some interesting fashions.  For now let us explore one of them.

I am going to put it out there that to do a rond de jambe or a plie is not terribly hard and that both are something that could be done on your first day of class.  No one, though, can throw a 441 to box or do backcrosses to a three ball flash with a pirouette on their first day.

Your first reaction to this statement might be to say that juggling is harder than ballet.  If you perchance thought that, you’d be wrong.  To do a rond de jambe or a plie will only take a few minutes to learn.  To do them well will take a lifetime.

The one thing is, juggling five balls is easily discernible from juggling three.  The difference between being a good dancer and being a great dancer is a little harder to tell.


One thought on “Juggling vs. Ballet

  1. Juggling 5 is easily discernible from 3, but to most audiences, is 5 discernible from 6? Does a fire juggler appear more skilled than the club equivalent? Appearances can often be deceptive to those without an understanding of what is being achieved, whether in juggling, dance, or any other skilled occupation! (How many people realise how difficult it is to be a good clown?!)

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