Jumping Off


I may have been a bit premature in my previous post on flying trapeze.  It would seem that in fact I’m just more of a “late bloomer” than I thought I was.

Day one, scary as hell.  Day two, no longer frightening.  Day three, kind of fun.  Day four, hey look I’m really good at this whole swinging back and forth thing.  That’s pretty much how it went down.

I can now say that I am actually enjoying flying trapeze now.  Now that I’ve gotten over my fear I’ve come to realize that it’s something everyone should do if they ever get the chance. 

This has also makes me realize that my bucket list is gonna have a lot more checks on it than most.


On Ego


Recently I enrolled at Circus Warehouse, a circus school based in New York City.  More on that later.

The other day during one of my conditioning classes an interesting dialogue occurred.  One of my friends whom I had duped into joining me was commenting on how she had previously taken a similar class where the teacher kept talking about how she had just given birth, was older than all the students, and that they should be ashamed of themselves if they were not able to keep up with her.  My teacher proceeded to provide an interesting thought on the subject.

He said, “Don’t train with those people.”

He went on to explain that people like that are all about their own egos and that you shouldn’t train with them and should instead just let them train with themselves since clearly that’s all they care about.

I’ve spent the last several days processing this and I think I agree with it.  My teacher might be over twice my age and capable of incredible feats of strength, but that’s never what he makes the class about.  Instead it’s always about us, the students, and what we need to improve.

I will note though that however comforting this last statement sounds, one hour of this class is about equal to a day’s worth of fighting.