Teaching Passion


I consider myself to be a good teacher.  I constantly find myself teaching others the skills I have picked up over the years.  I may not be the best at any of those skills. but I have learned from my teachers before me what will and will not get across to a student.  Over the years I have tried different methods of teaching particular skills in order to meet the needs of different students.

Throughout all of this, there has been one thing I have not been able to find a way to teach.  I do not know how to teach passion, how to make a student fall in love with an art.  I can show them the sword, the juggling ball, or the dance; but I cannot make them fall in love with it.  There have been a few thus far who have found that they love what I have shown them and proceed to get me to teach them everything I can.  Unfortunately though, these students are few and far between.  Perhaps some of you might have some advice this time.